Our mission is to meet human and social needs of the under-resourced in Benton Heights and surrounding communities by utilizing Christian principles. 


We Exist to:

  • Address human and social needs of Berrien County residents through the creation of programs and partnerships with other organizations.

  • Engage Benton Heights residents in programs and practices which holistically revive and restore their community.

  • Work with other organizations to optimize available resources and facilitate positive relationships in the Benton Heights Community.

  • Employ programs which improve the quality of life for impoverished Berrien County residents.

  • Address systemic issues that contribute to the poverty of body, mind, and spirit.



Benton Heights Community Development

New Heights exists to not only holistically help restore the residents of Berrien County, Michigan, but also to specifically help revitalize Benton Heights, Michigan. According to the Berrien County Health Department, 50% of the population lives in poverty with a median income of $20,000/year. Sixty percent (60%) of the population receives assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). 

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Community Food Network

Community Food Network is food assistance ministry that creates healthy communities by feeding individuals and families - body, mind and spirit. It replaces handouts and charity with meaningful involvement and community. Four Community Food Network groups serve the Benton Heights and St. Joseph communities. 

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Auto Services

Our mission is to show God's love through the repair and provision of adequate transportation for people in Berrien County who do not have the means to provide it for themselves. Vehicles are provided to those who are unable to meet their own transportation needs. These individuals are qualified through the New Heights Community Care Team and a process that determines the level of their need and ability to financially maintain a car.

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