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Auto Technician: Full-Time

Purpose: New Heights CCDA exists to meet human and social needs of the under-resourced in Benton Heights and surrounding communities by utilizing Christian principles. New Heights Auto Services, a program of New Heights CCDA, seeks to accomplish this mission through the repair and provision of adequate transportation for people in Berrien County who do not have the means to provide it for themselves.

The goal of the New Heights Auto Services is to be fully self-supporting and generate additional revenue for New Heights CCDA. 100+ charitable clients to be served each year in addition to providing automobile repair services and sales of vehicles to the general public.

Summary:  The automotive mechanic is responsible for inspecting, repairing and servicing brakes, suspension, steering, engines, and other parts of vehicles, performing routine maintenance to automobiles and performing related duties as required. In addition the mechanic will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a garage, teams of volunteers, training apprentices, and selling 15-30 vehicles to the general public each year.

Hours: 40-50 hours per week.

Total Compensation Package: $70,286 per year.

Salary: $50,940

  • Regular pay, 40 hours per week at $18 per hour: $37,440

  • Overtime pay, 10 hours per week at $27 per hour: $13,500


  • 2 weeks, 80 hours, personal time off

  • Health Insurance & Medical Reimbursement Account ($15,900 per year)

  • Pension, 6% of 40 hour per week salary. Vested after 1 year of service. ($2,246 per year)

  • Long-term Disability ($1,200 per year)

  • No personal tools required, all tools provided by New Heights CCDA

Duties: Tasks of the automotive mechanic include:

  1. Assess donated vehicles to determine if the vehicle complies with the criteria for accepting the vehicle to refurbish as a safe drivable vehicle.

  2. Schedule and outsource repair work that the Cars Ministry is not equipped to complete.

  3. Transport vehicles to and from the shop for outsourced repairs.

  4. Diagnose, repair and replace components relative to the engine, transmission, brakes, chassis, steering, electrical, belts, hoses & fuel lines, ignition, wipers, suspension, wheels and tires.

  5. Track parts and supply purchases associated with each vehicle.

  6. Instruct and utilize volunteers to assist in shop and mechanical duties as appropriate.

  7. Schedule hazardous waste disposal and scrap removal.

  8. Add vehicles and track repairs in Mitchell One, shop software (training provided).

  9. Communicate to the office about work completed, pending work, etc. at the end of every shift.

  10. Work with office staff to manage garage workflow.

  11. Lead a short time of devotion and prayer at the beginning of every volunteer work shift.

  12. Prepare “revenue” vehicles for sale, list, and complete sale.

  13. Other duties as assigned.

Education, Training and Experience Requirements:

  1. Possess a high school diploma.

  2. Must hold State of Michigan Mechanic Certifications in the following categories (ASE Certification is a plus):

    • Engine Repair

    • Engine Tune-Up/Performance

    • Front End, Suspension & Steering Systems

    • Brakes & Braking Systems

    • Front & Rear Drive Axles

    • Electrical Systems

  3. Must have at least 2 years relevant auto mechanic experience.

  4. Must be self-directed and self-motivated in order to be productive with minimal supervision.

  5. Able to work with and lead volunteers.

  6. Desire and ability to learn.

  7. Must be ready to meet people from all walks of life and treat each as you would like to be treated.

Working Conditions:

  1. Must be able to lift heavy objects.

  2. Usually will involve working with dirty and greasy parts.


The schedule is open for negotiation, however some nights and weekends will be expected in order to provide opportunities for volunteers. The proposed schedule below includes an unpaid hour for lunch or dinner.

To apply please email your resume to Chris Britton, New Heights CCDA Executive Director, at

To learn more about New Heights Auto Services click here