Frequently asked questions

What happens to my car once I donate it?

Every vehicle donated is immediately inspected by the New Heights team of mechanics. Going through a multi-point checklist, taking into account the age, mileage, and condition, the team decides if the vehicle will be roadworthy for at least two years once necessary repairs are made.

If the car passes the roadworthiness checklist, the needed repairs are made and the vehicle is provided to someone in need for $500.

If the vehicle isn’t roadworthy, it’s sold to the general public.  The revenue generated from the sale is used to sustain the Cars Ministry and support the repair and provision of vehicles to future clients.

Is my vehicle donation tax deductible?

No. In order to offer charitable giving credit for donated vehicles New Heights CCDA needs to have an auto dealers license, which we are working on acquiring. (Please note that all other donations (financial, household products, etc.) are tax deductible since New Heights CCDA is a 501(c)3 organization.)

What does this mean for me?

For the majority of families, nothing. Under the new 2018 tax law the standard deduction requirement requires $24,000 of itemized deductions for married couples, filing jointly.

According to Forbes Magazine, 9 out 10 Americans will not itemize their tax deductions and will take the standard deduction. Charitable giving credit will only benefit you if plan to itemize.

If you have any other questions, you can contact Dawn Corzine directly at (269) 983-1524 x33