It's about more than just cars. 

Our mission is to show God's love through the repair and provision of adequate transportation for people in Berrien County who do not have the means to provide it for themselves.


Who receives the vehicles?

Vehicles are provided to those who are unable to meet their own transportation needs. These individuals are qualified through the New Heights Community Care Team and a process that determines the level of their need and ability to financially maintain a car.


Support New Heights Auto Services

Your donated vehicle will directly impact someone's life. We'll take vehicles in any condition. We either fix donated vehicles and put them in the hands of those who need them, or sell donated vehicles to pay for ongoing ministry expenses (facility, parts, towing etc.) Donated funds also provide needed ministry support. 

Volunteer to fix cars

New Heights Auto Services is completely staffed by volunteers. Anyone 18 or older with an interest in cars would be welcomed into a weekly serving team. Younger volunteers may serve with their parent or guardian. Volunteers are also needed for administrative tasks. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the form below.