Benton Heights is located four miles from the Benton Harbor city center, which means access to resources is limited due to transportation barriers.


Why Benton Heights?



According to the Berrien County Health Department, 50% of the population lives in poverty with a median income of $20,000/year. Sixty percent (60%) of the population receives assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


Health According to the Berrien County Community Health Needs Assessment, Benton Heights has the highest mortality rate in the county, more than twice the Berrien County average and almost three times the national average. Berrien Springs, a town 17 miles away, has a mortality rate five times lower than Benton Heights. The difference between the mortality rates of these two towns represent major inequities within our community.

We're Strategically Located

New Heights CCDA was born out of the work that First Church was already doing in the community through their Benton Heights Campus which launched in 2009. New Heights plans to continue to do the to work of empowering neighbors in order to make Benton Heights a better place to live.